Busabong & Co Corporate Catering



Meals in a Bowl Corporate Lunch – Rs 200 per head
(Minimum 10 orders)

Your choice of Curry over Rice with a side of our Som Tam Salad

  • Thai Green Curry Chicken or Vegetables
  • Cambodian Curry Chicken or Vegetables
  • Thai Red Curry Chicken or Vegetables
  • Vietnamese Sizzling Vegetables



Bao’s & Bahn Mi’s Corporate Lunch - Rs 600 per head
(Minimum 10 orders)

Your Choice of Bao’s or Banh Mi Sandwiches with a side of our Som Tam Salad, House Brewed Ice Tea & Chocolate Mousse

2 Bao’s (of your choice)
  • Barbequed Pork
  • Barbequed Chicken
  • Barbequed Vegetable
2 Banh Mi’s (of your choice)
  • The Vegetable, aubergine tempura, house dressing, pickled, fresh herbs, house mustard
  • The Great Gatsby, grilled chicken, house dressing, pickled greens, fresh herbs, house mustard
  • This Side of Paradise, teriyaki chicken, roasted red & yellow peppers, asian pesto, pickled greens, mayo
  • The Beautiful & Damned, wok tossed vegetable, roasted red & yellow peppers, grilled aubergine, caramelized onions, mozzarella, pickled greens , asian pesto, mayo



The Full Spread – Rs 500 per head serving 10-30 people
(Minimum 10 orders)

Item 1: The Base
  • Steamed Rice or Hakka Noodles
Item 2: Veg Curry

Choose one -

  • Burmese KauksweVeg
  • Green Curry Veg
Item 3: Non Veg Curry

Choose one -

  • Burmese Kaukswe Chicken
  • Red Curry Chicken
  • Cambodian Curry Chicken
Item 4: Greens
  • Som Tam Salad or GadoGado Salad
Item 5: Sides

Choose one -

  • Crispy Potato
  • Salt & Pepper Veggies
  • Hakka Noodle Veg
  • Salt & Pepper Chicken
Dessert Options at Rs 50 extra per head
  • Brownie or Chocolate Mousse



All Spreads Include:

Chib’s Chili Sauce in Red, Green & Sweet

Serving Spoons & Serving vessels with bunson burners (where applicable) - all disposable
Bowls, Plates, Napkins, Forks – all disposable
  • Mekong Sizzling Curry
1 server to assist in set up & service available upon request (where applicable)




  • All government taxes applicable
  • 5% Service Charge applicable



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