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About Us

BusaGo, a wicked bistro of heady Asian food and juices in a cozy space. What you see is what you get. A keen union of piping hot momos, spicy, street style stir fries and authentic South East Asian curries all served best with our signature sauce - Chib's Original Chilli Sauce. The freshest ingredients and the mouth watering flavours are, of course, a given. To quench your thirst, BusaGo presents a line of fine juices and hearty smoothie combos with berries, fresh fruit, low fat yoghurts, honey and other organic and wholesome options.

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Bringing BusaGo to your table or to put it more precisely, to your bowl means an explosion of flavors originating from the vibrant streets of South East Asia. Whether it's Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Burma, we have a collection of dishes that best incapsulates the energy and wildness of these beloved countries. Our inspiration stems from how the locals do their favorite activity - dining street style. Its always done simply, quickly, & economically. The way we prepare our cuisine at BusaGo is true to the source. We pride ourselves in serving hearty and healthy cuisine. Here's to eating the right way without even realizing it!

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